May 17, 2020 sunday service

May 10, 2020 sunday service

May 3, 2020 sunday service

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April 19, 2020 Sunday Service



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Sunrise Service at the Lakeshore

April 5, 2020 Church Service

March 29, 2020 Church Service

March 22, 2020 Church Service

Good Friday Service



The Good Friday "Stations of the Cross" is a retelling of Jesus' journey to the tomb.  The tradition of the Stations of the Cross, developed in the early church, became a way to walk the Way of Sorrow with Jesus in those last hours of his life.  Pilgrims to Jerusalem around the 4th century would journey and stop where they believed the events happened.  Eventually it became difficult for most people to make an actual pilgrimage to Jerusalem.  These stations, then, whether they are in a sanctuary, on church grounds, or in this case from a digital platform, become a way for us to witness this dreadful trek on that bad Good Friday.  This was a traumatic experience and this program is probably not suited for small children. 

Pastor Rob and wife Donna produced and narrated this 30-minute program with lots of help from  It is available now by clicking here or on the image above. When it opens, click the start arrow.